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I have this situation (seen on TV a few days ago about food wasted in fast food outlets of Japan ...)

cold winter eve -
a homeless heads
for KFC's backdoor

and just this morning we read in the Japan times about Mitsubishi taking over Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan:

Trading house Mitsubishi Corp. said Saturday that it successfully completed a friendly takeover of Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan Ltd., which owns more than 1,500 KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants around the country.

Mitsubishi said it plans to make the restaurant operator one of its subsidiaries.

Profit growth at KFC Japan has been sluggish because of intense competition in Japan's fast food market, rising material prices and hefty investments in systems operations.

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still air in winter--
Kentucky Fried Chicken smell
all the more pungent!

Larry Bole
Kigo Hotline, 2008


colonel sanders -
haiku elvis

Susan Nelson Myers
source : my facebook friends


O Kentucky cluck---
the bird with a snow white beard
makes dinner cozy

Patrick Duffey
source : my facebook friends


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Anonymous said...

winter wind
blowing away from the beggar's bowl
five grains of rice

I still find the construction awkward, but anyway this came out rather spontaneously.

Ella Wagemakers

Paradise Found said...

winter wind
can faster
make it better?

the scent of vanilla

I lived in Dublin 30 years ago and I remember crying when they opened up the first McDonald's...a few years later, there was Burger King. Big corporations are turning the world into one. Soon, every country will look the same. It makes me heartsick.

paula fisher

Anonymous said...

Larry Bole:
> P.S. I think the "cold winter eve" haiku you quote is a haiku, and a good haiku. It makes an observation about a complex social and economic interaction without propagandizing it. It makes no pronouncements about what it's portraying. It lets readers draw their own conclusions.
> The use of the word "Kentucky" to stand-in for Kentucky Fried Chicken has resonance for me as an American, starting with the song "My Old Kentucky Home," by Stephen Foster, whether the author of the haiku intended it or not.


Gabi Greve said...

Dear Ella, Dear Paula,

thanks for stepping by!

I will never forget the view of Mac Donald at the BUND in Shanghai, many years ago ...

Ooo, now the Chinese world is lost, was my first thought ... grin


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .