dewdrops and spiderwebs


02 susuki grass

misty morning -
almost forgot to
get the newspaper

03 grass and tree


05 raindrops up

golden rod

06 goldenrod

Spider Net

07 spidernet

08 mist

10 grass

ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo

spider net

12 spidernet susuki

this spider net
hanging in mid air -
just for me ?

13 spidernet up


kigo for autumn

pampas grass, susuki 芒 (すすき) 薄
[Miscanthus sinensis]

flowering pampas grass, hana susuki 花芒 (はなすすき)


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Anonymous said...


S. from Canada

Anonymous said...

Gabi, you have such exotic settings in your daily
live, it enlivens my day every time I look at your photos and haiku.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gabi san

BEAUTIFUL photos!!!

a tear?
must be morning

Made me really miss Gokurakuan! It was as if I was on one of those morning walks when Etsuko san, Connor kun, and I visited.

The spider lilies by the graves also brought back memories as well as that spider-web-star-dew-necklace over the graves. I think you should show that one to a jewler... it could inspire a work of jewlery art!!

Take care... I hope the fates allow another visit to Gokurakuan.

ciao... chibi

Anonymous said...

Gabi, your October photographs are most interesting and beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Gabi - I love the photo!
It looks so relaxing.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .