June Bride and wedding


june bride -
not one spot
on her robe


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Later in the day I learned about this:

Baghdad car bomb kills 17 at wedding

A car bomb ripped through guests at a wedding party in southern Baghdad on Thursday, killing 17 people and wounding the bride and groom.

The blast erupted outside a photographer's studio in Abu Tchir, a mainly Shiite district surrounded by restive Sunni suburbs and agricultural small holdings on the southern outskirts of the war-torn Iraqi capital.

More than two dozen people were injured, the officials said.
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June wedding, June Bride
kigo for the wet season in Guyana
kigo for mid-summer Europe and other regions

We got this tradition of June Wedding from England during the colonial period.
There is lots of special promotions for marriage during the month as against the other months.Our local Botanic Gardens in Georgetown is a place were many ceremonies are held and pictures taken.

june wedding
in the Gardens from earth
to heaven

kenneth daniels (GY)
WKD : South American Saijiki



Days of marriage, wedding ceremony on both sides bride and bridegroom, with feast and blessing on a decorative stage where they seated together like statue/less movement. Relatives and close friends will be given a chance to sprinkle perfume, colored rice, flower petals towards the bride/groom for blessing for a prosperuos life to come.

These weddings usually happen during schools break/semester especially in June and December where family and relative could gather visiting the ceremonial occasion. The wedding could be planned at any time or day where necesity and financial availablly sound.
June and December will be best month for planning of gathering families.

East and west
Cross culture

- Shared by Mokhtar Sah Malik -
Haiku Culture Magazine, 2013


sun umbrellas --
two brides avoid
seeing each other

- Shared by Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu -
Joys of Japan, June 2012


june bride ジューン‐ブライド

June Bride is a 1948 American comedy film
directed by Bretaigne Windust. Ranald MacDougall's screenplay, based on the unproduced play Feature for June by Eileen Tighe and Graeme Lorimer, was nominated for the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Written American Comedy. The film starred Bette Davis and Robert Montgomery. The Warner Bros. release marked the screen debut of Debbie Reynolds, although her appearance was uncredited.
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Wedding Textiles in Asia
Korean weddings are traditionally held at the bride’s family home, and includes a ceremony that involves the couple bowing to each other and sipping wine to seal their commitment. After, the couple will take part in another ceremony called pyebaek, in which the newlyweds bow toward the groom’s parents and offer symbolic gifts, such as jujubes or chestnuts (symbolizing children). At the end, the parents will toss the jujubes and chestnuts back at the bride. While traditionally this ceremony has been reserved for the parents of the groom, today couples are increasingly including the bride’s family as well.

In Korea, a marriage is such a special ceremony and celebration that common people could wear special attire for it that was exclusively worn in the palace, such as the ensemble worn by the woman above on the left. Garments like these were worn as everyday attire by a queen and as vestments by court ladies in the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910), but as wedding attire outside the palace. While some rented these suits from local administrators, some villages collectively owned outfits that villagers could share.

You can also find ceremonial clothing on view now in the galleries! In the Orientation Gallery, the three textiles on view from South Asia and Indonesia demonstrate the shawl-like textiles commonly used in those regions, in contrast to the robe silhouettes commonly used in China, Japan and Korea.


source : pacificasiamuseum.wordpress.com


The word "wedding" is a topic for haiku.

. wedding anniversary .

. Hanayome ningyoo 花嫁人形  bride dolls .
and wedding dolls

.The Takasago Legend 高砂伝説 .
Takasago Wedding Song in Japan
Happy couples day - fuufu no hi and more



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