icicles -
the joy of catching
the right moment

06 tip of ice

with my foxes

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with my badger Tanuki

04 tanuki and mouse


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Winter in my garden
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snowy evening


01 garden in snowclouds - till Nr. 07

winter evening -
the snowclouds hide
my mountains

03 birds landing branch

empty bird branch -
so cold and wet and

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Basho Daruma


芭蕉 だるま

Basho Daruma !
the missing link between
my friends !

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Daruma sama
Oku Hosomichi no
Bashoo kana

© Photo from Kuro San / 黒さん絵日記


This Basho Daruma is an unexpected find in the WWW!

ダルマさんがころんだ 道草の森  

Natsukusa Dayori 夏草だより~

Basho Memorial Day (Basho-Ki) Japan

It is cold and rainy outside today, but I fell like christmas and new year have come again with this wonderful Basho Daruma find !!

Now Lary tells me:

Indeed, the year has not yet drawn to its close if Christams and New Year's Day have come again! I am reminded of a haiku of Basho's, and a haiku in response by Buson:

toshi kurenu kasa kite waraji hakinagara

The year draws to its close:
I am still wearing
My kasa and straw sandals.

Basho, trans. Blyth

bashoo satte sono nochi imada toshi kurezu

Since Basho left the world,
Not yet has
"The year drawn to its close."


Basho left us,
And since then,
The year has not drawn to its close.

Buson, trans. Blyth

toshi kurenu kasa kite waraji hakinagara
. Matsuo Basho 松尾芭蕉 - Archives of the WKD .


Basho travelling in Japan

. Matsuo Basho 松尾芭蕉 - Archives of the WKD .

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snowed in


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snowed in -
the bamboo hangs its head
so low

10 bamboo hanging lower / END

visitors ...

09 visitors

The Terraced Rice Fields - Tanada

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more of my SNOW haiku

the bamboo is maybe just a second before breaking ...
yuki-ore, a kigo

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Heavy Snow



we are expecting heavy snow tonight ...
namu amida


Updated Jan 20, 2008 8:00 PM
Current Okayama Weather Conditions

Moderate Snow Moderate Fog
Temperature: 0°C Dew Point: 0°C
Barometer: 102.1 kPa Wind: ENE 5 km/h
Humidity: 100 % Visibility: 0.6 km


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early morning -
such tiny snowflakes
racing through sunrays


Usually our snowflakes are rather large and heavy and wet.
This morning, they were really tiny ... and the sunshine from the side made them look like little diamond dust !
This amazing blizzard lasted for about half an hour before the sunshine won the day.

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two demons


01 small demon

winter visitors -
two friendly demons
smile at me

03 hanya


般若 ... Hanya . Hannya Masks of Japan
More ONLINE Photos

Hannya Masks / Wikipedia

Demons and Hungry Ghosts and Haiku

Daruma and Japanese Ghosts

and soon we have the DEMONS OUT .. Festival of Setsubun
February 3 !

. Men, omote 面 masks of Japan .

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winter diet -
a bite of broiled fish
and miso soup


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a centipede
just crossed my line -


. . . Bishamonten, Centipede and the First Day of the Tiger

More about

Bishamonten Festival and the Centipede

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Frosty morning


frosty morning -
sipping hot tea
sipping happiness


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First Shrine Visit



50 ceramic lanterns and holy smoke

first shrine visit -
two beauties sourrounded
by their beaux

36 uppermost shrine complex

first shrine visit -
the smell of incense
in our hair


Join me here on my visit with a slide show:
(Take your time to visit ...)

. . . . . First Shrine Visit 2008 / Photo Album

Fox Shrine Saijo Inari, about one hours drive from my home
It is a mix of Shinto worship and main temple of the Buddhst Nichiren Sect.

We visited on January 4, just right between the first three day crowds and the next sunday crowds. Even though, just to get a parking space took about 45 minutes waiting in line. And the special fee for the parking spot was just ... well ...

The blend of Buddhist and Shinto worship is remarkable here. Everyone takes incence and puts a stick in front of each of the many small memorial shrines. Some throw coins on the roofs of two smaller shrines and if the coin does not fall down, they will have good money luck in the coming year.

O-Negai Yokocho

All kinds of talismans and lucky charms for any kind of endeavor are sold here. During the new year celebrations, there is even a special shopping mall for this.

The big sacred rope of the shrine (shimenawa) is renewed every year. Look at it in the album.

The weather was warm to start with but turned rainy by the time we left ...
Yet, in the end at our local Hachiman Shrine I found a rather special present waiting for me, hanging in the bark of my favorite cedar tree ... look at the last photo in the album.

And the car smelled of incense all the way back home !

40 new year decoration


Saijo Inari Shrine
is one of the three most famous Inari shrines in the country, and is a noted Buddhist shrine for prayer. The shrine is located in Okayama, Okayama Prefecture, a city famous for its picturesque views of the Kibi Plains.

The shrine was built around 1200 years ago by Houon Daishi. The main building of the shrine suffered losses from fire when Toyotomi Hideyoshi attacked the Bichuu Takamatsu Castle during the Warring States period. Yet, since the patron deity of the shrine was hidden under the building in a secret compartment 8 tatamis large, and covered by rock slabs, it was kept safe from harm.

Since that time, the patron deity became famous across the country for its miraculous efficacy, drawing the faith of the masses. The deity is famous for answering prayers for success in business, traffic safety, and for increased scholastic ability. Every March during the "First Day of the Horse" Hatsu-uma Festival, the shrine overflows with people who have come to pray for luck and good health.
 © nippon-kichi.jp

Japanese (written on the many red prayer flags):


Saijoo Ikyoo-Oo Daibosatsu

. 最上稲荷 . Japanese Home Page of the Shrine

Thanks Gabi san!

Thank you, Angelee from India.

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Reflecting Life


77 floating branches


79 persimmon tree in water

first temple visit -
reflections of
a good life

78 clear water and tree


Join me at the First Shrine Visit 2008 !!!
Fox Shrine Saijo Inari


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Happy New Year !
May the orange bring you
many children ...

The two mochi discs are variously said to symbolize the going and coming years, the human heart, "yin" and "yang", or the moon and the sun.

The "daidai 橙、代々", whose name means "generations", is said to symbolize the continuation of a family from generation to generation.

Good luck for many generations is carried by the DAIDAI color of the orange which is placed on top
of the white mochi cakes.


Color DAIDAI 橙色 だいだいいろ
#ee7800 in the BOX above

WKD : Rice Cakes for the New Year (kagami mochi)

New Year Food and Decorations

. New Year Decorations (o-kazari)   

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Happy New Year


明けましておめでとうございます !

All the Best for the New Year of the Mouse !

May we all learn
to share our earthly bread evenly.


I was born in the Year of the Mouse!
I will complete the first circle of life!

The Details
The Year of the Mouse

Special Cloths to wear on my
Kanreki Birthday!



“2008, why is it a mouse and not a rat?”

Sensei gets a knowing smile on her face.
“A mouse is a cute animal. No one wants to be a rat.”

And this is the distinction I will be making in America for the rest of my life.
We, in the year of the mouse, have the competitive edge of the rat, the desire to win, but the Japanese know we are also shockingly cute, cuddly, the kind of animal who not only stores the best and most cheese, but also stands under snow-covered cherry blossoms, asking happiness to rain down on their friends.


Netsuke and Haiga from Emile Molhuysen

Emile Molhuysen 01

Emile Molhuysen 02

Emile Molhuysen 03

Emile Molhuysen 04

CLICK for enlargement

Thank you very much, dear Emile!


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World Kigo Database

..................................................................... December 2008

Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) Yemen

cha no hana 茶の花 (ちゃのはな) tea blossoms Japan

Nettle tree (enoki) Japan

Dinner, dining, eating ... and more worldwide

Shoochuu 焼酎 (しょうちゅう) Shochu, strong distilled liquor, Schnaps

..................................................................... November 2008

Rabbit, hare (usagi), snow rabbit (yukiusagi) Japan
Kaninchen, Hase

Firefly squid (hotaruika, hotaru ika ホタルイカ(蛍烏賊))

Ika ... squid dishes

Fish roe dishes (hararago) Japan

Mamakari ままかり Fish dishes from Okayama

Satsumaimo, satsuma imo 薩摩薯(さつまいも)sweet potatoes

Uni 海胆 (うに) sea urchin and sea urchin roe (uni 雲丹). Seeigel

Kani 蟹料理 CRAB dishes Krabben.

Horse meat, baniku (ばにく/ 馬肉) basashi, sakuranabe

BUTA ... Pig and Pork (buta, ton 豚 ぶた)

Daruma Ramen, raamen ラーメン Chinese noodle soup

Ainu Food アイヌ料理

Tosa no Inakazushi (inaka sushi) 土佐の田舎寿司 sushi from the countryside of Tosa

..................................................................... October 2008

Ogata Korin Memorial Day (koorin ki)

Winter honey ... Yemen

Sunbirds... India

Pillow (makura, kukurimakura) Japan

Lobster Decoration (kazari-ebi, Ise-ebi kazaru ) Japan

Stone fish, bullhead (okoze)Fish. Japan

Leek (naganegi) green onions, scallion, porree Japan

Itokoni いとこ煮 boiled pumpkin with red beans Yamaguchi

Kiritanpo (kiritampo) きりたんぽ skewers of mashed rice. Japan

Inkstone (suzuri) Japan

..................................................................... September 2008

World Heart Day September 28

Night of Power, Lailatul Qadr / Lailat-Ul-Qadr Yemen

Shichirin 七輪 portable cooking stove Japan

Onigiri おにぎり rice balls Japan

Hanbaiki 販売機 vending maschines for food Japan

Praise, flattery (homekotoba, o-joozu) Japan

Eel dishes (unagi) Japan. Some are kigo

Burdock root (gobo, goboo) Japan. Arctium lappa

Sansai 山菜  Mountain vegetables
. . . Including
Hahakogusa 母子草(ははこぐさ) sweet cudweed
Kogomi こごみ kind of fern
Nobiru のびる (野蒜) wild rocambole
Tsukushi 土筆(つくし)horsetail plant
Warabi わらび(蕨) bracken, fern
Zenmai 薇(ぜんまい) Japanese Royal Fern
Mori no Megumi, Bountiful food from the Forest

Momotaro Nabe ... Peach Boy HodgepodgeMomotaro Haiku by Issa

Dumplings of all kinds (dango) Japan. Mitarashi dango

Yaseuma, "thin horse" wheat noodles from Oita

Fast Food Gourmet ... the Japanese Version

Inari Sushi (inarizushi) Japan

Kanro-Ni, kanroni, sweet simmering Japan

Tsukuda-ni, Tsukudani ... simmered in sweet soy sauce Japan

Konchu Ryori, konchuu ryoori Insects as food

Citrus fruits (kankitsu rui) Japan
mikan, ponkan, hassaku, sudachi, daidai, kabosu, iyokan, sudachi, yuzu, oranges and others

Interesting, exciting, entertaining, amusing ... (omoshiro ya) Japan

Hara hachibu ... eating only 80% of your capacity an Okinawan diet

Breakfast (asagohan, asameshi) Japan

Kitchen (daidokoro) Japanese Kitchen

Trout and sweetfish (ayu, masu, iwana and more) and salmon (benimasu) and yamame Japan

Hamaguri, clam shells, venus clams Venusmuscheln

Tsukiji, the big fish market in Tokyo Tsukiji shijoo

SHUN ... Specialities of the Season

Spring Chrysanthemum (shungiku) Japan

Rape flower pickles (nahanazuke)/ nanohana rapeseed flower dishes Japan

Hitashi, Ohitashi ... quickly boiled vegetables Japan

Cod (tara) and various food items Japan

Kogawa Festival, Kogawa Sai Wakayama, Japan

Brazier (jiko) Kenya

Sambosa, samosa Food during the Ramadan. Yemen

Ameyoko Cheap shopping alley, from Ueno to Okachimachi.

Mikan, mandarin orange, tangerine Japan

Senbei, sembei 煎餅 (せんべい) rice crackers, sweet and salty

Godairiki san festival at temple Daigoji Kyoto, Japan

Golden Pavillion, Kinkaku-ji Kyoto, Japan


..................................................................... August 2008

This month and the following months are full of FOOD kigo and topics,
since I am preparing a WASHOKU SAIJIKI.

Loquat fruit (biwa) Japan

Tonburi seeds from the summer cypress Kochia scoparia Akita, Japan

Donburi Bowl of rice with topping

Shiokara ... salty and pungent fermented fish pasteJapan

Jizake, local ricewine brands

Chopping board, cutting board, chopping block (manaita) Japan


Nara pickles (narazuke) and other tsukemono pickles. Japan

Myoga Ginger (myooga) Japan
Myoga Ginger Festival.

Spikenard, Japanese spikenard (udo)

Alfonsino fish (kinmedai) Beryx splendens

Higo zuiki 肥後ずいき dried taro root

Shippokuk ryoori 卓袱(しっぽく)料理 Shippoku dishes , shippoku cuisine

Sawachi ryoori 皿鉢料理 Sawachi cuisine, celebration food
katsuo no tataki かつおのたたき chopped katsuo fish

Gameni がめ煮 mixed boiled vegetables and chicken meat

Chinmi, special delicasies

WASHOKU : Regional Japanese Dishes

Egg, eggs (tamago) Japan

Cherry Blossom Time ... Food Kigo

Deafness-curing sake (jirooshu) Japan

Famine in spring (shunkyuu) Famine in Japanese History

Herring roe praparations (kazu no ko tsukuru) Japan

Mirin (sweet sake for cooking) Japan

Miso paste and related kigo Japan

Turban shell as food (tsuboyaki, yakisazae) Japan

Starwort in cooked rice (yomena meshi)Japan

Rice cakes (mochi) for SPRING a KIGO list

Namasu vinegar dressing (namasu) Japan

Mountain pepper (sanshoo, sansho) Japan

Water (mizu) Drinking Water of Japan

Drinks for summer Japan
Including sweet rice wine (amazake), beer, ice shavings with flavor (kakigoori), barley tea (mugicha), strong liquor (shochu) and many more

Soy Sauce, soya sauce Japan

Rice (gohan, meshi) as food. Japan

Flounder, sole (karei) as food. Japan

SUMMER ... preparing Japanese food
Including natto fermented beans, vinegar (su)

Spring pickles (tsukemono)
Including namasu dressing, dengaku, wasabizuke and many more

Tablewear for Couples rice bowls (meotojawan) / chopsitcks (meotobashi)

Food from the sea and the mountains (umi no sachi, yama no sachi)

Kitaoji Rosanjin, a cook and potter

Knife (hoochoo, waboochoo) Japan

Miso paste Japan

WASHOKU ... Japanese Food Saijiki

Naracha Rice Gruel Japan

Yuba, skin of soy milk Japan

Arisoumi coast, Ariso-Umi Japan

Grasshopper (Platyphyllum concavum, Gampsocleis buergeri) Japan

Autumn Food ... ... KIGO list

Winter food ... ... KIGO LIST

Roe, fish roe dishes (sujiko and many others) Japan

Yam potatoe dishes (tororo jiru) Japan

Temple Kokawadera and a Basho stone memorial

Pivot ... its use in waka and haiku

Kamakhya Temple near Guwahati in Assam India.
And other pilgrimages worldwide.


..................................................................... July 2008

Sweat (ase) Japan. Perspiration, transpiration and related kigo

Asakayama ... 安積山 Mountain near Koriyama, Fukushima pref. Matsuo Basho on his way ...

Demon's gate (kimon) ... Japan

Dinner tray (zen), box tray (hako zen) ... Japan

Nishiyama Soin and the Danrin School (Soo-In) 西山宗因, 談林派

Lottery, lottery ticket (takarakuji) Japan

Melon / cool melon / watermelon Yemen

Flood (koozui, aki demizu) .. Japan. Floods, flooding. Worldwide.

..................................................................... June 2008

Karma, the Net of Indra ... Indra Net, Inter Net ... :)

Indian paintbrush (Castilleja) North America

WKD : New England Saijiki

Naked Festivals (Hadaka Matsuri) Japan. LIST

Yui Town Big Drum Festival (O-Taiko Matsuri ) Japan

Urasa Naked Festival at Temple Fukoo-Ji (Urasa no Doo Oshi) Japan

Jazz Music North America

Violett and Purple : MURASAKI in Haiku Lady Murasaki Shikibu

Chameleon, Veiled chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus) Yemen

Shrine Tada Jinja ... and Matsuo Basho

Rice gruel (kayu) Japan

Toji, Temple Too-Ji in Kyoto Japan

Independence Day, June 12, 1898Philippines

Swallowtail butterflies (agehachoo) Yemen, Japan

Elm tree (Ulmus) Europa, North America

Kasuga Shrine Festivals (Kasuga matsuri, Wakamiya On Matsuri)

Rhode Island USA

Kuromori Kabuki ... 黒森歌舞伎 (くろもりかぶき ) Yamagata prefecture. Japan

Donzuki Matsuri ... どんづき祭 "Body throwing festival", Niigata, Japan

Hasedera no Tada-oshi ... 長谷寺のただ押し (はせでらのただおし)Hasedera Temple Festival, Sakurai, Nara, Japan

Takewari Matsuri ... 竹割祭 (たけわりまつり) Bamboo splitting festival. Japan

Kashihara matsuri ... 橿原祭 Kashihara Shrine Festival. Japan

Towns of India and haiku India

Dream (yume), First Dream (hatsuyume) Japan

Official, minor official (yakunin, koyakunin) Japan, Edo period

Kato Shuson (1905-1993)

Sand, hot sand (nessa) Japan

..................................................................... May 2008

Family altar, Buddhist family altar (butsudan) Japan

Spikemoss (iwahiba, iwamatsu) Japan. Sellaginella tamariscina

Iris, bearded Iris (Iris albicans) Yemen

Paper clothing, paper robes (kamiko) Japan

White Dew (shiratsuyu) Japan

Lawn, grass, turf (shiba) Japan. ... and related kigo

New Year Arrow (hamaya) Japan

Goto Takatoshi Takatoshi Gotoh

Trillium family of flowers (kinugasa soo) .. Japan. North America

Delhi, Old Delhi, New Delhi. India

Bombay, Mumbai . India

Lucknow . India

Kumano Road (Kumano Kodo Japan

Saga Dawa / Vesak Celebrations Buddhist Communities

Rhododendron (shakunage, sekinan ) Japan

Shimabara no taiyuu no doochuu ...  Shimabara Geisha Procession (Kyoto)
Shimabara taiyuu no doochuu

Miyako Odori .. "Dance of the Capital" in Kyoto

Naniwa Odori ... Naniwa Dance in Osaka

Haru Matsuri .. Spring Festival. General

Azuma Odori .. Azuma Dance, Tokyo Dance

Kamogawa Odori .. Kamogawa Dance in Kyoto
Garden (niwa), Park (teien, tei-en) Japanese Garden, Zen Garden ...

Storehouse, warehouse (kura, dozoo) Japan

Masahide, Mizuta Masahide (1657-1723)

Shushiki (Shuushiki 秋色) (1668-1725)

Hi no Oka Pass (Hi no Oka Tooge) Japan

Sand skiing, dune skiing Yemen

Pinewood Derby North America

Barangay Fiesta Philippines. and The Santacruzan

Haiku Sweets (haika 俳菓) Japan

Ghosts (yookai, bakemono) Japan

Imagination in Haiku ... Theory

San Miguel Beer Philippines

Straw hats (dholas, kofias and hadrami) Yemen

Sunflower (himawari) Japan. Europa. North America

Four Directions (toozai nanboku)East, West, North, South

Dontaku .. Dontaku Festival in Hakata, Japan

Go, a board game, igo 囲碁 (Japan)

Green Week, Greenery Day (midori no shuukan, midori no hi) Japan

Cassia blossoms (Cassia fistula) India. ... amaltaas, bendra lathi, aragvadha and other names

Cockroach (gokiburi, aburamushi) Japan
..... and more summer insects and little animals ...

Turtle, turtoise (kame) Japan

Grains, the five grains (gokoku) Japan

Deutzia blossoms (u no hana, unohana) Japan

Bataan Beach, Bataan Day Philippines

Buddha's Birthday, Flower Festival, Flower Hall (kanbutsu-e, kambutsu-e, shuuni-e, hanamatsuri, hana midoo   Japan. sweet tea (amacha) and more

Utamakura, Place Names in Japanese Poetry "Poetry Pillow Words", makurakotoba

PLACE NAMES used in Haiku Japan and Worldwide

..................................................................... April 2008

Nozawa Boncho 野沢 凡兆 (Nozawa Bonchoo, 1640? - 1714) and his wife Tome, Ukoo 羽紅

Bulbul bird (hiyodori) Japan, Yemen, Kenya and other regions

Grouse, snow grouse, "Thunderbird" (raichoo) Japan

Fish Market Philippines

Airlie Beach Australia

Olympic Games Olympics

Malaysia Haiku

Tourist, sightseer, traveller, visitor ... worldwide

Larks, various types Yemen

Beans in autumn kigo ... the plants also Peanuts plants. Ingen Mame.

Taal Lake Philippines

Tawilis (Sardinella tawilis) Philippines

Peanuts Japan, Philippines

Scilla, Siberian Squill (Scilla Sibirica) Russia, Europe.

Coconuts, Coconut palms Philippines, India

Higashiyama Culture and Haiku

Japanese Culture Week, 2008 Kenya

Ageing ... Kenya

Milkfish (Chanos chanos) also called Bangus. Boneless Bangus. Philippines

Flamingo Yemen

Snack served with tea (cha no ko, o-cha no ko) Japan

Botamochi Rice Cakes (Botamochi) Japan
Botamochi Ceremony

Water dragon, Physignathus lesueurii Australia

..................................................................... March 2008

Herring (nishin) Japan. Koorai Iwashi

Flame of the Forest (Butea monosperma, Delonix regia) Two Trees with orange blossoms


Migrant fishermen (watari gyofu) Hokkaido, Japan

Irrigation Ceremony (minakuchi matsuri, nawashiro matsuri) Japan

Will-o'-the-wisp (kitsunebi, onibi) Japan

Groundbreaking ceremony (jichinsai, jimatsuri) Japan

Dawn in spring, Spring morning light (shungyoo, haru no akebono)
Spring morning (haru no asa, haru no akatsuki) and others

Holi Festival.. Dol Yatra (the Swing Festival)India. Also introducing Chillum and Bhang.

Jelly strips (tokoroten) Japanese Food

Blind Woman from Echigo (Echigo goze) Japan. Introducing haiku from Echigo

Manzai (New Year's Comic Performance) Japan

Polar bear = ours polaire (ou « ours blanc » ) Canada. Eisbär

Husky = chien de traîneau (ou « husky ») Canada

Kuroda Momoko 黒田杏子 Haiku Poetess

Chichibu Festival (Chichibu Matsuri
Chichibu Night Festival (Chichibu Yomatsuri)

Kobo Daishi Kukai (Kooboo Daishi Kuukai) and Esoteric Buddhism Japan

Neem blossoms, neem tree, magosa (Azadirachta indica) India. And Ugadi Pachadi

Saigyo Hoshi Memorial Day (Saigyoo Ki) Japan. Saigyoo Hooshi

Nightingale singing competition (uguisu awase) Japan.

Arii Shokyu-Ni(1713-1781) "the Nun Shokyu". Nagamatsu Nami, Kohakuan.
Kohakuan Fufuu, Arii Fufuu (1702 - 1762), her husband
Chomu (Choomu) 蝶夢 (1732 - 1796), a Buddhist priest shookyuuni shokyuuni shokyu ni

Kite, black kite, Milan noir (tobi, tombi) Japan. Milvus migrans

Amihan and Habagat Monsoon Philippines

Boomerang Australia

Insects awaken, insects come out, bugs come out, bugs wake up, insects appear again, insects stir (keichitsu) Insects wake up. Japan
..... Frost descends (sookoo)

Matsushima 松島Japan

Leap day, leap year (2008) February 29

Bud of trees, treebuds (ko no me, konome) Japan

Bat (koomori, kawahori) Japan

Stone wall (stonewall) (ishigaki) Japan

..................................................................... February 2008

Wheat and Barley (mugi) and related kigo Japan

Coral Tree Blossoms (Erythrina indica) Tiger's claw, Sunshine Tree. India

Common cold and flu (kaze) coughing, sneezing, God of the Cold. Japan, worldwide

Water tank (As-Saharieg) Yemen

Desert rose (Adenium obesum). Yemen

Utsu no Yama, Mount Utsu, Mt. Utsu near Okabe in Shizuoka, Japan

Three treasures of Haiku and ISSA

Temple Saimyo-Ji and Issa

I, the first person (ware, watakushi, ore) used in haiku Japan

Donald Keene

Prickly Pear Cactus, Opuntia Family . Yemen, North America

. . . . . Pakistan ... Haiku in Pakistan

Desert, sand desert Yemen

Canna lily Yemen

Dates, ripe dates from the Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera) Yemen

Eid Al-Kabir, Aid Al Kabir Yemen

Khat, Catha edulis, chewing khat Yemen

..................................................................... January 2008


Jasmine Yemen

Oleander (kyoochikutoo) Japan. Yemen

Rose of Sharon (mukuge) / Hibiscus (bussooge) Japan. Yemen

Toribeno Cemetery in Kyoto Japan

Sumidagawa River Tokyo, Japan

Tao Yuanming To Enmei, Chinese poet 365 - 427 陶淵明

Takeda Butsugai Fusen ... 1795~1867

Kamikaze, Divine Wind Japan

Dalia (daria) Japan, India

Salt (shio) and salted winter food Japan

Issa and the God of Poverty (bimbogami)

Naito Joso (Naito Joosoo 内藤丈草) (1662 - 1704)

Tattoo, Tatoo (irezumi, horimono) Japan

Garlic chives (nira) and its blossoms (nira no hana) Japan

Balls, decorative hand balls (temari) Japan. Ball catching song, ball bouncing song (temari uta)

KAMASU : straw back, tobacco pouch, Pacific sandeel (Ammodytes personatus) Japan

Swan (hakuchoo) Japan

Fatsia japonica blossoms (yatsude no hana) Japan, Japanese Aralia

Iida Ryuta (Iida Ryouta) 1920-2007
Iida Dakotsu, his father (1885 - 1962)

Buddha Dainichi Nyorai Ceremonies and kigo

First Day of the Tiger (Hatsu Tora ) Japan. visit to Kurama Temple in Kyoto on the first day of the tiger: Kurama hatsu tora mairi .. and related kigo

Pongal Spring Festival India. Kolam decorations.

Boma Homesteads Kenya

Juuni Shinshoo 十二神将 Twelve Heavenly Generals, 12 Warrior Generals

Bishamonten, Tamonten (Vaishravana) Japan. Bishamonten Festival, Messenger of Bishamonten

Song, singing (uta) Japan. A list of kigo.

First Poetry Meeting at court(utakai hajime)

Eid Al-kabir on the pilgrimage to Mekka

Lotus Temple Delhi

Issa and O-Take Nyorai お竹如来

... Kamakura, a Haiku Town in Japan

Flamingo Gulf of Aden

Night work (yonabe) Japan

Mallet for good luck (fuku tsuchi) Japan. Mallet for pounding cloth (kinuta)

Fulling block (kinuta) Japan.Pounding cloth. Mallet for beating straw (wara kinuta) and more

Onomatopoetic Words used in Haiku

Boxing Day Australia, New Zealand, UK

Basho and the Ukimido Floating Hall, Lake Biwa

Australian Seasons ...

Seasons Beginning ... Japan, a KIGO list

Long Life Ceremony (enjusai ) Japan

Inahata Teiko (1931 -)
President of the Japan Traditional Haiku Association


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Current Events

NEW Saijiki for Japanese Festivals and Ceremonies

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