icicles and Kisagata


cold sunshine -
the icicles refuse
to melt

rondo in my valley -
now snowfall
now sunshine

Morning minus seven centigrade
Mid-day minus three centigrade

next morning, Monday 31

minus nine -9℃ 

kylmä auringon paiste -
jääpuikot kieltäytyvät

My Icicle haiku in Finnish, translated by
Juhani Tikkanen

. . . . .

and this is how America feels in the last few days, too much snow

Snow My Gosh

all snover again

Mega Snowstorm Pounds Moves East with Snow, Ice, Freezing Temperatures

A colossal winter storm dropping snow and ice from Texas to Maine has left two thirds of the nation facing downed power lines, shuttered highways and thousands of airport cancellations.
source : abcnews.go.com


drinking at the lake
first it is sunny
then it rains

SU DONG-PO (1037-1101)


kisagata no kake wo kazoete naku chidori

counting the remains
of Kisa Lagoon...
a singing plover

This haiku has the prescript: "Into the bowels of the earth." Kisa Lagoon (Kisagata) was ravaged by an earthquake in Sixth Month, 1804. The effect, according to Shinji Ogawa, was that the seabed was raised and the "beautiful scenery like a miniature archipelago suddenly became dry land."
Tr. and comment, David Lanoue

kisagata ya hotaru mabure no sanae fune

Kisagata lagoon -
fireflies sparkle
around the rice-planting boat

. Kobayashi Issa  小林一茶 .

When I visited Kisakata in Akita, it was not a lagoon any more, an earthquake in 1804 had lifted the ground and many former islands where standing above the ground.
The landscape is most impressive, often compared to the islands of Matsushima.

象潟や 雨に西施が ねぶの花
kisakata ya ame ni seishi ga nebu no hana

Kisagata lagoon,
in the rain Xishi,s eyes are closed
blossoms of the silk tree

Tr. Massih

A flowering silk tree in the sleepy rain of Kisakata
Reminds me of Lady Seishi
In sorrowful lament
Tr. Nobuyuki Yuasa

Matsuo Basho

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Matsuo Basho - Oku no Hosomichi
. Tsuruoka and Kisakata 鶴岡 と 象潟 (きさかた).


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ImageNations said...

the unpredictability of the weather.

Gabi Greve said...

Yes, Nana, very unpredictable.

This morning, it is only minus 2 - almost back to normal.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .