copyright worries


talk to me -
your moving silence
makes me shiver

. Visiting Koyasan,a mountain monastery


May 30, 2010

I posted this on facebook a few days ago and suddenly it became

der Stein des Anstosses

One person copied the photo and published it in his album without asking permission or mentioning my name ... thus starting an Odyssee ...

John Potts alias "haiku crossroads",
alias "syllables17", alias AZTEC
. . . . . alias
Little Bursts of Awakening!
The Haiku Master
The White Knight of Haiku
From: John Potts waywardway@hotmail.co.uk
platounplugged or zenartist

. . . . . of facebook
Zen Guy
Opal Fields
James Butler
Haiku ?
Haiku Dialects
The Haiku Shaman
AbAgail Lowry (posing as a young girl) NOT Abigail Lowry

Yura Neejit (you are an idiot) of FB

. . . and continuing to use new names . . .

Haiku ukiaH - facebook group
(together with Zen Anectodes / Megan McMurray McGowen)

Replying to my reprimand, he wrote the following

"I took the pic of the pic (print screen) of the pic you took of a rock that belongs to Mount Koyasan Buddhist Sanctuary.
Frankly, I was going to use a better pic - but I was pressed for time, Gabi Greve.
Get over yourself."

When I reprimanded him again, he wrote:

Get some rest Gabi Greve -
you're making a fool of yourself, babe.

facebook: haiku crossroads

after deleting my photo

No, the whole concept of my post was upgraded, Gabi Greve - once I found the time in my busy schedule :
Much improved, thanks for the inspiration old gal!

To a friend who tried to challenge him on the copyright issue, he wrote

... you seem to have issues way beyond this overblown and grossly distorted nonsense though. Listen up. If you have no constructive things to share here with us all at haiku crossroads, buzz off back to your midden.
Anyway, this pic was deleted. You've seen the improved post. So what's this, you want to joust me is it, dudette?
Are you mentally ill?
I would rather not BAN you, there is still this open challenge for a haiku joust, if haiku jousting is not your thing - pick a subject of haiku theory to discuss.
Either way I'll eat you for breakfast, young lady! :D
are you mentally ill? I ask this kindly as he seems incapable of responding rationally to simple questions and requests. I'll monitor the situation.
... facebook

and more from JP

And YOU are totally misinformed
No worries though, there's a lot of misinformation polluting the Cyberian wastelands of the ghettos of pseud. Expert haijins are used to the rabid jealousy of haiku (et al) wannabes and other rainy day folks. God bless 'em.
. . . but do cheer up, grouchy dude! :D

On June 01


rabbi grebe
ye old lobster pot
wove out o' wattery dreams und insect

source : haiku crossroads

John Potts on Facebook

HAIKU: Little Bursts of Awakening!
John Potts (creator)


January 2, 2012

Out of the blue John Potts started an attack on me and my friends in facebook again.
Since I have blocked him and all of his aliases I am aware of there, I have no access to his postings, but sometimes friends keep me informed.
He had even been posting in one of the forums, where I (the administrator) could not see it. (That is a big problem with facebook.)

"... she (and her silly cronies)


"The vocal majority (Greve being one) mouth spurious, half-baked methodologies and offer vanity publishing and a home for the lost and the lonely. Fair enough. What is not offered, though, is the real deal. The reason being is they simply haven't got a clue, really, as to what haiku is all about.
They have not taken the bold step to be personally free from their culturally socialised habits of thought.
This is robot."

"They prance around like enlightened gurus and yet... know next to nothing.
Little wonder that Western haiku is simply an ongoing embarrassment in so many quarters.
The blind leading the blind in a merry dance of fruitless fantasy.
Basho's probably turning in his grave."

It seems he even takes notes of deletes postings . . .

To protect my friends here is just one note,
representing the many.

A quick note to say how much I appreciate you.
I've been on the receiving end of a JP blind-side attack and know how it feels. Even though we all know he is a sad and unhappy man it can still hurt. You are completely undeserving of such an attack, I'm sorry it happened.
Again, thank you for being my friend and for all you do for the haiku community.

. Hokusai, the Great Wave and the Tsunami 北斎 津波  .

. Honkadori 本歌取り allusion .

another interlude, July 22, 2012

John Potts writes in his google pages:

As a result of my general comment on a post by Gabi Greve at Haiku Foundation Forums, documented on Empress' Old Clothes, the following was posted:

"Thanks to the stalking of John Potts, I am going to delete all my entries here. I advise the admins to delete the rest. You can find copies in the goggle pages of John Potts." - Gabi Greve

All I will remark is that my daily haikai diary on Facebook ( Haiku Crossroads - a family orientated site ) was spammed incessantly by Greve. Then, after several days of harassment around the clock, as documented on one of my "goggle pages" all evidence of her usury disappeared (along with many other posts of overt and persistent attack
by Greve and her old boys and girls haiku club amigos --
aka: the haiku loony brigade ).
Poof, all gone. Every trace of their mob-mania expunged. Having covered their tracks they headed for the hills (with their tails between their legs). This taught me to keep proper records of some things.

So, ipso facto, disappearing evidence is not new. Frankly, I believe that Greve deleted her responses because they were embarrassingly absurd in the light of negative public reaction to Takiguchi's nutty editorial. Critiques by Haiku Foundation Forums' members on Greve's self-deluded vanity post confirm my own pithy summery regarding this eulogised (as in over-the-top) "haiku" which plagiarises the Issa classic:

"A poem maybe. Otherwise we have been given permission to write a sentence and call it a library. To say haiku/hokku is anything it wants to be is, clearly, utter nonsense. If a short story morphs into a novelette it is no longer a short story. It is a novelette. If a haiku becomes a sonnet then it is not a limerick either." - jp

As for "stalking". Well, that's an often used smear tactic, to the point of weasel-worded cliché. (Incidentally, I have better things to do with my time.) Of course, the subtext here is that Greve is worth the attention - they call this political spin. Whatever, since when does one comment constitute "stalking"? If this post had been by anyone else I would have still commented as I did. Why?
Because the 3-liner, penned by Greve and virtually sanctified by this Takiguchi character (chief honcho at the so called World Haiku Club) has been spuriously elevated to a status way beyond its actual copycat reality; and this for reasons, pontificated by Susuma Takiguchi, which are so utterly absurd as to be laughable.
Definitely a case in need of whistle blowing.


Now back to 2010 .

Well, here is a bit more about this:
. . . My Facebook : the Koya Stone Story

in the name of haiku . . .
sad summer rain


some comments of friends

Copyright or no, it is a simple matter of respect. It's sad that such things are not commonplace among people and that sometimes good behavior has to be legislated. You are a treasure, Gabi.

John, is the following really your response to Gabi? -
"I took the pic of the pic (print screen) of the pic you took of a rock that belongs to Mount Koyasan Buddhist Sanctuary. Frankly, I was going to use a better pic - but I was pressed for time, Gabi Greve. Get over yourself."
Surely you have more respect for other ...writers/artists than this? Most haiku writers I know would be more than happy for anyone to use their work... all we have to do is ask, and credit them.

"Get over yourself" he says: "Get over yourself" ????
Not: "I apologize" ?
And then he insults the picture and Gabi? Pompous horse's ass.

Well Mr. Potts, you've followed your own advice to the tee: Show don't tell.
You've shown the haiku community just who you are.

Your act of PLAGIARISM, John, to which you have admitted, marks you out very clearly for what you are. The creative community needs to be aware of people like you.

Dear Gabi,
a violation of copyright feels like a personal violation... it has happened me too... and then, to be insulted as well is a nightmare... No idea how someone with his attitude can write haiku...

John- You show a boorish attitude to fellow poets.
Respecting copyright and each other are necessary to good will amongst poets.
Grow up.

John, using Gabi's personal property without her permission than chastening her publically for objecting to what you did was rude and disrespectful. Imagine if someone used your car without your permission. Gabi is not full of herself but a humble human being who has mentored many and given much to the haiku world without fanfare or charging money.
the haiku path is not a cartoon or a world wrestling federation wrestling bout. It's one of humility, respect, and an emptying of self.


Is John Potts a haiku poet or a charlatan?

Has he been published? References please.

Strangely, although I have been familiar with both printed and online haiku publications for many years, the name 'John Potts' rings no bells. From his presence in this self-made Facebook page it is evident that he considers himself something of an authority, so clearly I have somehow missed all those references where he has been recognised by authorities in the genre.
Can someone please help me rectify my failing here, and point me at those places where his work and theorisation have received recognition and publication? Thanks for all assistance in this matter.

Why will you not apologise to Gabi?
For your theft of her photo and you subsequent rudeness ...


Why will you not apologise to Gabi?


Now that's a polite question, -
so, I will reply clearly, but only one time :

Gabi Greve has misrepresented this situation, for reasons best known to herself. The mob mentality has been harnessed to crucify the sinner who would fain question the emperors new clothes - I'm shivering in my socks!

Because of this disgraceful and underhanded behaviour
I have no inclination to apologise.
For what anyway?
I was spotlighting Gabi Greve's own origination!

Haiku crossroads freely allows people to showcase their valid interests related to the world of haiku and it's broader context. Gabi Greves, for one, is all over this new and excitingly informative haiku (et al) news site - like a frog in a pond.
(YOU drag me into this muddy pond, I never asked to be there.)

No worries about this whatsoever.
The ethos of haiku crossroads is on the tin :
"A new experimental page to see if we can generate a centralising web of haiku interconnectivity for haiku fans here on Facebook. An information exchange."

- MY original post was to share and compare two ku.
One which the Daruma kid had done and my own snappy response.

The fuzzy pic of that rock with a paw sticking out was over the 'shiver' senryu, which was the caption to the pic in question.

My senryu (in the spirit of free form rengay) was a good enough response - maybe better at making the point of confronting a silent holy stone in a sensitive frame of mind. Judge for yourselves :

talk to me ...
your silence makes me
— Gabi Greve

how so
so speechless
— jp

Not bad (SHOW not tell.)

- When Gabi Greve asked me to remove this post I did (albeit baffled).
(I never asked you to remove the post,
I stated I was the owner of the stone photo you had used as if it was your own.

((I just found the message I posted on facebook
To John Potts,
I took this photo myself and it should not be copied elsewhere without the quote of the author and the link given above.
source : facebook ))

To this you replied in your own logic, that
the stone belongs to the Koya monastery !

and then
you deleted it all by your own free will.
. . . . . and you wrote
No, the whole concept of my post was upgraded, Gabi Greve - once I found the time in my busy schedule : Much improved, thanks for the inspiration old gal!)

Sorted? Not at all.
it appeared to be a wonderful opportunity for creatures from under every haiku stone in haiku Cyberia to slither themselves into the twilight in some sort of a crazed zombie feeding frenzy! ^_^

However, as with all pseuds, as soon as they are confronted by the real deal they scurry off back down their rabbit holes again - shivering no doubt.
The ones that remain gradually melting away under the heat of my polite (but relentless) clarity of technical wizardry and superb rengay rebukes.

The true haiku lovers watch from a distance and wonder at the foibles of folks - it's what I would do myself if it were not my responsibility here to filter the sewage. We must not let the well get dirty - can you dig it?

CHECK OUT THE SOURCE HERE (allow for editorial deletions though - by the owner) :

- Any questions? Ask them on this unmoderated thread.......

As for my own bona fide position in the scheme of haiku (et al) things (which many are curious about,) all I can honestly say is.. there's only one way to find out, peeps!

That's right - suck it and see.
Finally, this.
I have no time for fools nor their illusions.
Anyone who houses the clear, bright spirit of haiku in their hearts, unfaithful to no other gods nor demons, will understand this.

And the rest?
Sooth, let the devil take the hindmost :D
— jp
facebook : Storm in a thimble of dust


a friend replied

Unless you are a master of self-delusion, Mr. Potts, even you must know that you are going to fool no-one with this kind of nonsense.
Dr. Greve did NOT misrepresent the facts.
You ask what you have to apologise for. How about:

Copyright theft
Insulting a respected member of the international haiku community
Insulting the work which you stole

Perhaps you have still have a small window whereby you can save your reputation being permanently sullied, but it's closing fast. Make no mistake, your name will be remembered, but not quite the way you seem to have hoped.

JP then quotes his entry in another haiku forum

"Get a grip on the real world, Alice - all these fantasies will make you sick."
Alice's mother insisted, as she reached into the medicine cabinet for the largactyl syrup. "Now, open your eyes and close your mouth."

in a childs picture book
nobody ever ever dares to
source : cherrypoetryclub ·May 29, 2010

and another friend said

Why do you enjoy being nasty? It would have been so easy to say "sorry" to Gabi. We all make mistakes at times. We apologize, and people easily forgive us our missteps.
Why are you doing all that for yourself? People will only dislike you more. Are you an enemy collector?

JP then educates us about
In Wikipedia they have an interesting caveat for the authors of submissions :
wikipedia : weasle words

and the ten haiku commandments
haiku crossroads : Thou shalt not steal ?


"Dear Gabi, I am totally on your side in this issue: stealing intellectual property, which is your photo, is a crime, does not matter if it is done in internet. And what is most striking, is that John Potts doesn't even understand or ashamed of what he has done, thus giving a bad example to others that it is OK to steal somebody else's creation. Yes, the stone belongs to a monastery, but the picture you took belongs to you and that is so obvious and needs no other proof.
It will be a good idea to start a lawsuit against Haiku Crossroads creator and to prove that he is totally WRONG.
John Potts you are dishonest person. "

Dear Gabi san,
You are a respected name the world over. One should not be rude or impolite in any way to promoting oneself by 'using' your work without your knowledge or permission. I fully support K. in defence of your intellectual property right. I also condemn Pott's audacity to argue with K. on something which is blatantly wrong.

I saw all that and can't believe this man writes haiku. It seems to me that haiku is more than the words we write, but also our approach to life and he lost the plot.

Since I have Japanese women in my family and know them to be gracious and beautiful in spirit. It's unthinkable that someone would speak to Gabi with such brutal crassness and disrespect.

so sorry to hear this mr potts calling the kettle black

It is the attitude of the offender that is the most upsetting.
We are all happy to have our work used - all we ask is for proper acknowledgement.

"My best wishes to you, Gabi. The work you do comes from the heart and everybody who knows you appreciates and respects this. Love is the strongest energy there is and nothing can harm it."

"Sadly, this isn't the first time we've seen unprincipled behavior in the haiku world. Thanks to the internet, however, news like this can travel very fast. Before long, Mr. Potts' name will be mud, and the haiku community will have rallied behind one of its own."

Dear Gabi,
I'm really sorry about your terrible experience on Facebook.
I have heard of other experiences on Facebook of such plagiarism and wonder if it is a worthwhile place for posting work.
My sympathy, S. B.

Dear Gabi sensei,
I am so sorry to learn of your encounter with this rude plagiarist and I hasten to send you a word of encouragement. I find John Potts ( If that is his real name ) too macho to admit that he is wrong and from his insensitive language, I presume he is a recidivist.
I complement you for assertively writing to him several times despite those annoying and disrespectful replies you received in return and for not allowing yourself to be riled by his senseless remarks. I know that you have too much grit to let a thing like this unduly depress you.
The fact that you've written haiku about this whole thing, to me, is a show of great courage and resilience. I am inspired.
... C


"Folks, freeze this bloke out.
He's getting sunshine from the attention. Really. Just leave him there with his dropped pies."

I agree with K. ! !!!
not worth any more efforts on our side.
Just ignore him.
This is the sad side of online communication....

I bow to you both, K. and Gabi,
for your kind and gentle nature
and will bring end to this on my part as long as he leaves my friends alone.

. . . . .

I think the best thing to do in dealing with such a rude, insensitve, fraudulent boor, is to ignore him. We're giving him the validation he so badly needs (his, "Well said, man" proves that) . The problem is, he'll keep violating us until we put a stop to it.
He did it to me and to Gabi ... who's next?


I hope you don't mind, Gabi,
I am adding the link to your blog to my FaceBook page in my status today.

" Due to the misbehavior of John Potts at Haiku Crossroads, there has been an ongoing discussion of copyright infringement. As would be expected, Mr. Potts has altered the discussion by removing posts. "

For those of you who may have hit the 'like' button at Mr Potts' Haiku Crossroads site:

'Like' may be removed by going to the lower left hand corner and pinging 'unlike.' This may result in your not being able to make comments. I do not know as I will be making no further posts on Haiku Crossroads.

I posted an objection to his unauthorized alteration and use of a verse of mine which Mr. Potts has deleted along with any other posts that cast him in an unfavorable light.

I considered deleting ALL of my posts on Haiku Crossroads but was advised not to.

I have un-friended Mr. Potts and blocked him.
I would suggest that others do the same, particularly those of you who write haiku.

source : K


dear gabi
i'm so sorry for the abuse you've taken from a so-called haiku poet.i mentioned such on my face book page. tho i had to change 'trash talk' by him to 'demeaned' to get thru a security check.
my feeling is he should take his eggs and go home.
your friend marlene

Marlene Mountain on facebook about this problem


"John Pott's Haiku Crossroads is a winner, folks,
edited by a truly original voice."
— Robert D. Wilson

facebook : Haiku Crossroads

I didn't understand what JP had done until Reading an e-mail from Gabi San. please accept my apologies. Using someone else's photography without permission than being flippant with Gabi who has unselfishly given so much to all of us is an insult to the haiku path.
Sometimes I speak before I think.
Robert D. Wilson"

I just published this on JP's site: John, using Gabi's personal property without her permission than chastening her publically for objecting to what you did was rude and disrespectful. Imagine if someone used your car without your permission. Gabi is not full of herself but a humble human being who has mentored many and given much to the haiku ... See moreworld without fanfare or charging money. the haiku path is not a cartoon or a world wrestling federation wrestling bout. It's one of humility, respect, and an emptying of self. I defended you impulsively not knowing the gist of the debate.

I publically asked for forgiveness to Gabi and others, and I hope you will too.
I say this to you out of love and not from disrespect. The harsh words exchanged from both sides were often mean, the antithesis of haiku nature. I too can be flippant and offend people, and regreatfully have. And I know what it's like to have someone steal something of mine behind my back.
... Facebook

Robert, your apologies are accepted.
Try to get JP to delete the comments he quoted from you!


a rose
with many wormholes ...
haiku life

. The story goes on ...

Rose and worms on my facebook page


The evidence is gone, deleted, not here any more.
So there is no way to make any official complaint.

But I do not think we can blame facebook or
the internet for the character of people,
even of self-claimed haiku poets.

No Sucess with all this, BUT as a friend put it

Although he has not apologised,
John Potts has earned for himself a reputation as a fraud and an ignoramus which will likely stick with him for a very long time.

Now I will stop reporting this case,
the rest is on facebook and in the comments below.

do not feed
this mud-trowing troll -
END of summer

You can BLOCK a person at facebook so he will not be able to read your pages any more, not steal your ideas, at least that is what they say.
A certain cockoos nest with blue eggs is now BLOCKED from my facebook.

. Gabi on Facebook  


. . . Read my Haiku Archives



anonymous said...

Totally brilliant, Gabi San!
It needs your name and copyright.
Could I I use it in Simply Haiku plus others like this you've done/
with name on it?


Hiruta said...

Your heavenly spirits
beyond humans ―
little cuckoos singing for you

Hidenori Hiruta

Ram Krishna Singh said...

It's good we have a record of exchanges here. We have to be cautious and stand up against the practices of the kind Pott follows.

Anonymous said...

Things in the net may be in mess- so many of my work I see here and there if by chance I go to any Google like search machine- though in my name- no one asks for permission or anything else- there mat be other uses also- who knows?
What precaution to be taken?
the sites to be avoided?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Well said!!!

Anonymous said...

You're right, though, troll-feeding time is now over.
I'm out of there, and blocking Potts.
a friend from facebook

Anonymous said...

You are right, Gabi. He is, indeed, a mud-throwing troll. I have ended my exchange of posts with him with:

Stormy weather -
the prickly-bush branch keeps hitting
against the brick wall.

He is hurting only himself.

a friend from facebook

Anonymous said...

no time for trolls
the peonies hang their heads
waiting for stakes...

M. on facebook

Anonymous said...

Glad this will be your last reply. Time, I think, to let him stew in his own juices.
a friend on facebook

Anonymous said...

I do think the best thing is to ostrasize him. He is a pretender and a bully.
a friend on facebook

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through this, dear Gabi.
Thank you for taking a stand and alerting the community.
Blessings !

Gabi Greve said...

I love you all. Incidents like this show me the purity of our haiku community !

Anonymous said...

Someone referred to the doubly redoubtable Mr. Potts as a "horse's ass." I think this does a great disservice to the horse AND his ass. In order to see Mr. Potts as he REALLY is, we must look deeply INTO the horse's ass!

Anonymous said...

His nonsense is not in the spirit of haiku.

Anonymous said...

jp, your idea was a good one. We responded with fellowship, happy to participate.
But you fouled up with rude and amatuerish comments. And plagerism. There is no haiku spirit here.
Perhaps you are delusional and need help. Perhaps you just need to learn more. There's a lot more to Japanese poetry than you seem to think.
a non-friend

Anonymous said...

I love Gabi too. She has such a great store of Kigo...
and from so many countries. she is great.

Anonymous said...

John Potts is not his real name. He selected the pseudonym for obvious reasons - "john" is a common word for "commode." "potts" is a bit of a stretch but close enough to "pots," which is the plural form of "pot," another common word for "commode." So, both his first name and surname are thinly veiled references to "commode" -- which is where he and his pithy witticisms belong. I say "Goodbye, Mr. Commode Commode!"

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this isn't the first time we've seen unprincipled behavior in the haiku world. Thanks to the internet, however, news like this can travel very fast.
Before long, Mr. Potts' name will be mud, and the haiku community will have rallied behind one of its own.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked! Gabi I am so sorry you are going through this.

Anonymous said...

That's terrible.
You deserve better, Gabi.

Anonymous said...

I left haiku crossroads facebook page over a week ago because I smelled a rat with him, and I even warned some friends about it.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Gabi san,
I am so sad to hear that you are having to go through this terrible ordeal. You are such a treasure in the haiku community, as is obvious from all the support you're receiving, so I hope that is a comfort to you. Mr. Pottymouth has revealed his true colors and it would seem has lost all standing in the haiku community, which is as it should be.

All this further convinces me that Facebook, however well-intended the idea was to start with, is not a good place to be. I shall continue to avoid it.

Anonymous said...

I've eschewed Facebook, though my name is up there somewhere.
:o) :o)

Anonymous said...

I've been busy and haven't been on Facebook much lately, but after reading yours and K.'s messages, I'm appalled by what has happened.
You don't deserve the type of treatment he has dealt you. I am fortunate to have never had contact with that man.
After reading some of what he has posted on his "Haiku Crossroads" page, I gather that he is hostile and unbalanced, among other things. I, too, am sorry that you had this experience, and I appreciate your warnings.
All best, M.

Anonymous said...

You have my sympathy and my admiration, Gabi. Thank you for the warning.

Anonymous said...

Finally, it seems, it's a little easier to get off Facebook. After discovering I'd 'joined' when I really just wanted 'to look, I never posted anything.
For months/years, I couldn't de-register, but now I'm out. Phew! I'm thankful that Canada (among others, possibly) kept demanding more control over privacy issues be given to members. Certainly not perfected, but better than it was.

Gabi Greve said...

Sorry you had to got through this with him. He is not the worst thing on Facebook.
I picked up a virus there that cost me $75 to get cleaned up by an expert (I could not manage it myself, it was so toxic).
I had enjoyed my time on Facebook but now it is too expensive for me.
Be brave! And cautious!

Thanks my friend !
I did not imagine you can even catch a virus on facebook ! Whow!!

anonymous said...

John Potts is here :

MN is afraid of the white haiku knight, forsooth, Maid Terri? The spirit of rengay is PRECISELY jousting creatively and/or to put a mad n frothin' zombie dogette back into his kennel in the true scheme of things.
Honestly, I've never come across such nutty Munchkin behaviour in the wastelands of Cyberia before. Doesn't phase one though.
Our diagnosis is that the pseudos are jealous of the scintillating radience of a real deal (me). Some may disagree with this astute prognosis - like I give a damn!
haiku crossorads

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gabi!
I've been in those shoes and it's a terrible feeling.
A simple "Ops, I'm sorry, I meant to ask" would have fixed things and instead he had to be a complete jerk.
What I find distressing is that some people on his page made some rather rude comments as well...
Some of those people should have known better and kept out of it.
I'm sorry you had to deal with such a person and I have a very different view of his buddies now also.

Anonymous said...

Gabi, thanks for alerting us;
you are to be commended for your
courage in taking the high road even as you spoke up.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that people who originally associated with him are now disassociating from him.

Anonymous said...

Copyright abuse is very upsetting and completely unnecessary in my opinion.

These things will happen from time to time. International copyright law is reasonably clear. Any work you put into the public domain, if you are the original author of course, is automatically your own opyright.

So there is no need for placing ugly copyright notices on individual haiku or senryu, the exception being haiga and other artwork where it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

Anonymous said...

Even the genteel world
of chrysanthemums n haiku,
Is not free of the vagaries n whims,
Of pirates n Potty heads


Gerald (SK14) said...

phew - I just want to add that those who blame Facebook itself for allowing all this are missing the point - it is the way facebook works that makes it easier to spot these copyright abuses and it facilitates the discussion that leads to Gabi's friends rallying round.

The fault is with potts not facebook - sure there is much about facebook that facilitates getting involved with things we perhaps would be wise to avoid but it also helps to clear up these messes too.

Gabi Greve said...

Yes, I agree with Gerald!
It is people who are doing wrong things.
The internet is just a new avenue for them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gabi, it's a good thing that you saved all those posts and messages. It was an interesting reading - a serious matter. Still, I laughed out loud reading a couple of
an "anonymous'" comments: "disservice to the horse", "Mister Commode Commode", "Mr. Pottymouth"... Lol! The Mister surely has asked for it.

Anonymous said...

another dialogue with John Potts
on haiku comandmends
a friend wrote

Thou shalt not cast offensive matter (ie piss) on others

Mister Potts answers
Tell that to MN n Gabi Greve and the rest of that scruffy band of haiku hypocrites who acted like rabid dogs when outed for their crimes against true haiku, KE.
Your commandment suggestion is covered in my first commandment (all will be revealed as time passes). Try again - this time, perhaps, with a swept out heart. Use as your model the clear, bright spirit of haiku - if you can find space for it your, clearly, prejudicial angst.



Anonymous said...

we will beware of john potts
so sorry gabi san

anonymous said...

FYI: If you go to the Haiku Foundation Page, the comments for June 1st on Quick Silver, there is a picture of "John Potts" and a link back to haiku crossroads.

a very concerned friend

Anonymous said...

John Potts's rudeness to Gabi and K. and others is unconscionable, especially when it would have been so easy to apologize immediately, ask for permission (which surely most of us would likely be happy to give under normal circumstances), and to post proper credits.
I am strongly inclined to agree with X. when he says "John Potts is one of these characters who claims to be a haiku expert (sadly, he isn't) and is using his Facebook "haiku hub" to gain some sprurious and instant aura of "haiku authority".
Indeed, many of his postings are off-topic, puzzling, cryptic, occasionally naive (such as "what's a chop?"), and otherwise strange.
I'm sure we all have better things to do.

anonymous said...

dear gabi
i'm so sorry for the abuse you've taken from a so-called haiku poet.i mentioned such on my face book page. tho i had to change 'trash talk' by him to 'demeaned' to get thru a security check.
my feeling is he should take his eggs and go home.
your friend marlene

Anonymous said...

Potts, he's bad for the haiku community. Anyone who is serious about haiku will eventually find their way but Potts sets up an unnecessary stumbling block.
Yes, let's keep our eyes on this fellow!

Anonymous said...

Potts should be banished to the Isle of the Mentally Disturbed.

Anonymous said...

John Potts alarms me. Let's warn all haiku poets to freeze him out.

anonymous facebook said...

many of us are banning john potts from our pages.

Anonymous said...

John, you've alienated enough people already. No need to pick any more fights.

Anonymous said...

Folks, don't waste your time on this chap.
He's clearly way out of touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

ah! One Flew Over The CooKoo's nest!
that DOES explain the eggs... i thought they were a gift from a DoDo bird~

Anonymous said...


A haiku
A sticky smelling plant named sativa
Oh my God
Behind the lines
I've been Potted


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do, and for the warning about this crazy person.

Anonymous said...

Facebook says

If you block someone, they will not be able to find you in a Facebook search, see your profile, or interact with you through Facebook channels (such as Wall posts, Poke, etc.).
Any Facebook ties you currently have with a person you block will be broken (for example, friendship connections, Relationship Status, etc.). Note that blocking someone may not prevent all communications and interactions in third-party applications, and does not extend to elsewhere on the Internet.

You can BLOCK a person on his WALL SITE, at the bottom left.

Anonymous said...

I blocked him last week
gabi_san :) it's a good keep such people out of our haiku community

Anonymous said...

Dear Gabi san,
Your selfless work is greatly valued:
I hope you realise that.

Anonymous said...

Today, I choose to greet every event, situation, and person
in my life, good or bad,
with the spirit of thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Strange unpleasant man. ;-)

Anonymous said...

JP is an maniac and offends everybody !

Anonymous said...

He has a shocking lack of knowledge of both 'modern' and 'contemporary' Japanese haikai, and a potted, or should I say 'potty' grasp of 'classic' haiku as well. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I read your blog. This man is clearly an idiot and there's no way to stop him. He's enjoying the rukus.

Anonymous said...

Now I've seen his face, and I know how he looks.
Be careful !

Anonymous said...

John Potts.
It seems that a lot of people think you need to learn a lot more than just haiku.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree that people need to be warned.

Anonymous said...

"He likes to see things getting hurt. It's funny to him that the frog goes splat on the stones instead of Basho-esque in water."

Anonymous said...

... you need every person who writes haiku seriously to know about this thanks to your blog and hopefully they will listen and not mess with Potts.

Anonymous said...

Gabi, sorry to hear that you were embroiled in all that. :-(

Anonymous said...

In any case, I am now convinced that it is nowhere safe to post any (un)published work on the net!

Anonymous said...

Glad I followed my gut feeling, and blocked him the moment he invited me to be a 'friend' ...

anonymous said...

I try to post only published work...otherwise it is up for grabs.

anonymous cherry said...

The thing is, John Potts, or who ever he is, doesn't realize that some of us have been writing haiku for over twenty years. I don't recall ever seeing his name before Facebook.


He has been publishing at cherrypoetryclub under the name of syllables17 here and still is :


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this Potts character has other identities, but is eventually being frozen.
What he did to K., Gabi, N., M. and a few others, is beyond forgiveable, and makes me feel ill at the thought of it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he has pinched more than a few verses.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the details of an unpleasant experience you had on the internet.
Please don't worry. Just ignore the ignorant vain person!
But it was a lesson and warning for all of us.

You are doing a great service to the world Haiku Community.
Almost everybody knows that.
Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Decided to accept an occasional worm for the joy of the rose.
I am glad that you are getting this person to desist in their illegal activity.

facebook said...

haiku crossroads writes:



anonymous said...

Cyber-bullying vs. cyber-stalking
The practice of cyberbullying is not limited to children and, while the behavior is identified by the same definition in adults, the distinction in age groups is referred to as cyberstalking or cyberharassment when perpetrated by adults toward adults, sometimes directed on the basis of sex. Common tactics used by cyberstalkers are to vandalize a search engine or encyclopedia, to threaten a victim's earnings, employment, reputation, or safety. A repeated pattern of such actions against a target by an adult constitutes cyberstalking.


anonymous said...

What is a troll ?

the troll rarely bothers to match the tone or style of the group, and usually its ignorance shows.

Disrupting a stable newsgroup gives the illusion of power, just as for a few, stalking a strong person allows them to think they are strong, too.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .