colors of hope


45 the splendor of sunshine

gradations of red -
a sight of hope
for the New Year

46 light plays with colors

48 backlit leaves


The Bell Tower

39 nanten berries and Bell Tower

50 siluhettes with red

54 temple window

41 nanten berries in sunshine


31 moss and nanten red

a spot of red
amongst the pebbles . . .
down by the riverside

25 nanten berries and river


. Temple Tanjo-Ji
Winter Walk 2009 . Photo Album

Tempel Tanjo-Ji 誕生時 in Okayama
The Big Buddha and further information


My Invitation to a Haiku Walk (ginkoo)

Willie Bongcaron

Ginko by Julie Cain

monkey puzzle--
tell me old pine, "How
shall I trim our sky?"

above the temple
winter pines spread their needles--
a green beginning

tiny stream
tiny rocks, tiny ripples--
big winter light

hole in the roof--
the ancient cedar ignores
the carpenter

old kanji-carved stone--
the moss around the edges
finding it's own way

truncated tree--
each lump of new limbs
shrieking to the sky

before you come
to the sliding temple screens--
heavenly bamboo berries

how green the leaf
how very red the berries--
temple courtyard sun

funny little boxes
under the temple roof--
how light catches things


. . . Read my Haiku Archives 2009



anonymous SH said...

Bowing to you, Gabi-san.
Beautiful pictures. Ichi ban!

Hiruta said...

Thank you for beautiful haiku and photos, Gabi San.

Some find a sign of hope;
others don't.
I wish I could!
For the New Year.

Hidenori Hiruta

anonymous SH said...

Gabi-san, this is very beautiful. Evokes light. Thank you for sharing.

anonymous FB said...

Thank you, Gab san. What a great way to end the year and begin a new one.
I bow to you

Facebook said...

Gabi i love your photo and haiku; i'll add it to my 12 days of Christmas celebration at Lunch Break, on New Years Day, which is the 8th day of Christmas
Gillena Cox

Anonymous said...

Sehr schöne Fotos, liebe Gabi; sie bringen auch bei mir und meiner Frau Erinnerungen an ein ganz anderes Erleben dieser Zeit in Japan zum Klingen.

anonymous said...

Lovely Gabi!!!
I can get the scent of incense sticks and it's all merging with mine own bought from the forest of Karnataka.
Lovely heavenly smells!!

anonymous said...

love the bamboo Gabi!
no job
the automobile business is so screwed up. . . gees

anonymous said...

dear gabi,
thanks for sharing you wonderful slide show with us!!

waxing moon
flower press heavy
with ginkgo leaves

pamela a. babusci

anonymous said...

Jessie Carty said...

those are wonderful pictures!
makes me wish i was back in Japan :)

anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures, Gabi. What a marvelous great tree the gingko is.

sacred gingko
all knobbs and warts
still endures


Gabi Greve said...

Dear Gabi san,
Thank you very much for the warm colours of Hope for the New Year. I love them!
(from Kenya)

kenneth daniels said...

bell tower
signals renewal
late december

kenneth daniels

thanks Gabi san and Happy New year

Gabi Greve said...

Thank you, Kenneth!
and a happy new year back to you!!
May it bring you all you need, but not more of it.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .