our cat is ill


long cold night . . .
I play some Mozart
for my suffering cat

O-Tsu must have eaten some poison somewhere ... she came home around nine last night and started with terrible cramps and foam around her mouth ...
The cramps got worse, lasting about three minutes, every 30 minutes or so, she would stretch to almost double her length, then fold and bend to a tiny little ball, then tremble all over. Her breathing was fast and forceful, her pupils huge dark black circles ...

After a fit we would place her on the towel in a more comfortable position and watch her hard breath. Then the next fit distorted her small figure again ...

Around eight this morning, after a sleepless night, she had her last fit, then fell into a deep coma and we thought, well, this is it.

But after about one hour later, she opened her eyes again, this time here pupils were focused and she seemed a bit oriented and recognize us ... and then she becan to recover, sleeping most of the day.

Now (it is about six in the evening as I write this) she is still not oriented and whimpers a lot, but at least she has drunk some water and used her in-house toilet.

We hope she will recover more during this night.

Friday evening
Pray with us !

Saturday morning
Another night with watching over O-Tsu.
She is still afraid of all sounds and even her own shadow makes her shriek in fear and jump backwards. Finally she hides in a corner of the room and dozes off.

It was minus five degrees centigrade cold outside at night and we had to keep the house warm as best as we could.

This morning, at least she is oriented in the room and finds her place with the water, even jumps up on the table to drink.
This is going to be a slow process of recovering ...

Yakushi Nyorai Buddha of Healing

Saturday evening
What a day ! Cats are quite amazing.
O-Tsu spend most of the day sleeping (happily) in her bed, even licking her hair for a moment when she woke up.
Haiku-kun also finally relaxed (he had been quite upset with his mother's illness) and started snoring like usual.

We hope for a night to get some sleep!

Sunday morning
Sunshine !

A good night for all of us, and O-Tsu is now eating her food. She is still quite wobbely on her legs, but her sleep seems sound and her eyes are clear.
And her son Haiku kun has "talked" to her again, so it seems the cat family is fine again.

Cats in Paradise ..
O-Tsu and Haiku-Kun お津と俳句くん


Feburary 24, 2010

This morning, Haiku kun was standing in front of his cat entrance outside, crying with pain and in utter confusion ...

Then he started with the cramps ... now he is in the cat cage in stupor, it is lunchtime by now, and he is very ill, biting his tongue and dripping blood from his moth.
Seems the same poison as O-Tsu.

Haiku had some bad cramps, then calmed down for the day and had a lick of food in the evening (now), so I hope to see him back on his feet tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

A candle is burning for O-Tsu under the protection of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

--from benbarba and cats

Gabi Greve said...

Thank you so much, benbarba!
We are now full of hope.

Anonymous said...

I believe she will recover after her stomach gets rid of the poison.


Gabi Greve said...

Thank you, Zhanna, we sure hope so too! She has been vomiting a lot today and that seemed to help. Now she seems "asleep" in her bed and not just in a stupor, so we are full of hope now.

anonymous WHC said...

Dear Gabi,
Please send all my best to O-Tsu

front garden
mottled in shade
a tortoiseshell cat

Alan Summers
Presence #2 May 1996 ISSN 1366-5367


anonymous said...

Lovely moment, Gabi. I hope all is well.
Best B.

anonymous said...

sorry for your cat
i hope the patient is recuperating comfortably
19 December, 2009

anonymous said...

I hope your cat is doing better but you may want to keep her inside from now on
if that is not possible, you may want to take a walk around the neighborhood and find what she got into.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .