NHK Haikubiyori


NHK 俳句日和

Haikubiyori ... a fine day for haiku

5 hours of haiku marathon at NHK !

From 11 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon.
A group of students in Tokyo also took part and one of the students was in the finals elected.


The participants were
Uda Kiyoko 宇多喜代子, the leader

The haiku judges :
Katayama Yumiko 片山由美子
Tsukushi Bansei 筑紫磐井
Mimura Junya 三村純也
Kai Michiko 櫂未知子
Oogawa Keishuu 小川軽舟

Hayashiya Kikuo 林家木久扇 a rakugo story teller and haiku poet himself, as guest judge
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Kikuo san (he gave his former name, Kikuzo 木久蔵, to his son) is a regular member in my favorite program, he wears a yellow kimono and plays the "stupid one" (baka). He is now 70 years old and still going strong.

Shōten (笑点)
a Japanese TV comedy program, continuously broadcast on Sunday evenings on Nippon TV, Channel 4, since 15 May 1966. It is the second-longest running TV show in Japan. (almost like Mito Komon).

The show features a group of six Japanese rakugo comedians wearing kimono of different striking colors, sitting in a row, where they compete to make the best jokes on three themes suggested by the host.
The person judged to be the most funny, gains more and more zabuton (Japanese cushions), until he may be sitting on a stack five, six, or more. Comedians whose jokes are judged to be not funny, or whose responses are not quick enough, may have one or more zabuton removed and end up sitting on the floor. The zabuton used are supposedly extra-heavy ones weighing four kg (9 pounds), so even a stack of ten or more will not topple. When one participant has 10 zabuton, he gets a prize (and usually material for another TV show ... )

The show is also famous for its happy theme music written by Nakamura Hachidai. This music has been continuously broadcast since 1969. The titles are written in edomoji, but were originally written to show an animated smiling face.
Hayashiya Kikuo

Here are the results from the program in April 2009


. NHK HAIKU ... NHK 俳句 My Introduction
NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)


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