01 Tanaka Walking START

the star mandala
of a little cactus -
roadside potluck

02 cactus flower

Take a walk with me


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anonymous said...

beautiful photos,Gabi.blessings,

anonymous said...

beautiful, gabi! i've never seen a cactus like that, do you know the name?
stacy :-)

Anonymous said...

sue ok

anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I love mandalas in nature - the true mandalas!

Mandala Oasis said...

Hi Gabi...and all

Wow.. this is amazing...Roadside Potluck.. a scrumptious and fitting name! I just LOVE that cactus...and didn't know it was - I'm drawn to it though...it's appeared in a few of my collages - and I keep gathering more images of it... I just love how it's thick and textured...and ever-unfolding...like a lotus. I had no idea it flowered! It's giving me so many lessons here...the unseen flowering of our soul is what I'm getting...thank you so much! Especially in this SoulCollage card - with this very "cactus mandala". This card is about how I often felt murkey...and blue - and that cactus is a big part of that collage - and now...I know why.. of course, "you had it all along, Dorothy!" - the flower is there..waiting to bloom at my recognition of its unseen presence. Thank you Gabi! --

And..here it is again in my Embracing the Mystery card - along the side the catcus is there too. For me, me that cactus is the "lotus of the succulents"! And what a succulent life it is!

This is the perfect testimony of how when we share ourselves..and what we love...we're all blessed immensely! Thank you, thank you, thank you -- ALL of you!

Blooming gratitude and blessings abound!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .