lonely neighbours


haru no michi baba wa sabishisa katari-ori

spring walk -
the old woman talks about
her loneliness

More and more of our neighbours leave the valley because of old age, moving in with the children in nearby towns, leaveing the few who still hold on to their old life, living alone in the large farmhouses, even more lonely ...

and yet
the plums are blossoming


Later, March 20, it could read

spring equinox -
the old woman talks about
her loneliness


Here is the old woman of my village again

miya suzushi
baba wa kami o

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Anonymous said...

This is a strong write, Gabi. Sad... sad... sad..... though.

Anonymous said...

by the time of my father's funeral at age 85, none of his friends were left to come to his funeral, and some politicians and the Pope sent official condolences

at my mother's funeral at age 97, outside of the immediate family, only the Pope in Rome was left to send their condolences, and of course that was official, so some secretary does it. None of her siblings, friends, cousins, acquaintances, family, associates, no one she had known in her life were left, long since gone.

The priest had to look in the archives to find something to say. He was frankly surprised at how much had been done by her in the parish and the diocese, like the church itself which had been built before he was born...

age is not very friendly


Anonymous said...

But there is a great beauty in this,
and an opportunity to do Zen -
forever realer!

Dig turning -
back into nature.
Yours in the Wind

Anonymous said...

Simply lovely.... it has all the trampings of the moment ... caught in truth
Lovely! KR.

Anonymous said...

a shame Gabi, and I bet that it truly is beautiful there too...

If you can add the text to your photo, I think that this would be a very beauitful, yet powerful haiga Gabi ...

All of these years, that I have known you, you have been sharing you haiku and translations, you photographs, and not really looking
for any replies, commentaries, suggestions, and the likes.
Am not sure if you are aware of this or not, but your haiku has improved since 2004 or when I first met you at the WHC.
always, G.M.

Anonymous said...

Yes! and sometimes she talks about euthenasia...very touching haiku!

Anonymous said...

I too have seen a lot of growth in your writing, Gabi-san. This haiga is a wonderful, memorable presentation.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully done, Gabi. It resonates with me...strikes me as so true.

Anonymous said...

there are bold contrasting images here- spring, newness, blossoming,
bonding, set against- aging, loneliness, introspection;
very interesting
much love, G.

Anonymous said...

What an inspiration to read, Gabi!

early spring
my grandchild and peaches

early spring
perhaps my son will visit
more often

:>) E

Anonymous said...

This one is truly memorable, Gabi.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .