Playing with Haiku


playing with Haiku -
I get a whack
on my nose

Sometimes we comment on a friend's haiku, but it is not taken in the right spirit, or so we think, and whack whack whack about each other's intentions.

This morning again, my dear Haiku started playing and ended up having me duck the paws...
He is unhappy with the winter cold and in a bad mood ...
Then off he runs to his outside toilet for a major relief action and is back all smooth and cuddely ...

Counting the scars on my hands and arms, we have quite a few of these bouts
and yet I love him dearly.


GABI san... haiku chan wa kawaii desu ne

Maybe it is just from my perspective... but the cat nap cussion/bed seem to be arranged in the shape of an "8"... very auspicously?

cats nap
eight shaped --
end of '08

I hope to be online to wish at that time... but if I miss that wish I give you and yours now a heart felt Happy New Year!!

I like chibi's take, but your cats make me think of ying yang Gabi.
We all need to understand cats. They allow us to coexist with them, and when they do or don't not feel like playing...watch out.

If that's how Haiku behaves,
have you ever had a cat named Senryu?

But you'd really have to be careful of the claws
if the cat's name is Zappai.


Cats in Paradise .. O-Tsu and Haiku-Kun お津と俳句くん

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Anonymous said...

I had a cat like that Gabi...we called him "Champ" and my family all have scratch mark scars from his 'playful' nature! They have faded with time
and now resemble faint thin white lines.
So cats too, get cabin fever!

Anonymous said...

Can't beat a great cat..... o)

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase I don't know who (Robert Wilson likes to use it), 'Not the rose, but the way it's painted'.
This reminds me of when I was learning to speak Dutch.At one point, you understand that there are two ways of saying the same
thing, and then, under cover of 'ignorance', you opt to use the less tactful way, with the excuse that you don't have a good command of the language yet.
Nice try, and I admire those who take it well.

clear winter sky
and yet the frost
is heartwarming


Anonymous said...

For a whimsical and thoroughly delightful haiku journey visit Gabi san's blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Robert, and Gabi-san! Being a cat person, I love this site!
Bob Loomis

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