Begging Monk


begging monk -
beads of sweat dripping
from his nose

He was standing all alone by the road crossing in Okayama center, mumbling his prayers, standing in the sunshine, sweating, waiting for the evening cool.


begging monk —
beads of wisdom form
on his forehead

Kumarendra Mallick, Hyderabad, India


Takuhatsu ... Begging Monk

Begging Bowls

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Anonymous said...

I like the association I get between the beads of sweat and the unmentioned malla beads.

Anonymous said...

precise ku for the moment

Anonymous said...

Hi Gabi
I like the 2nd one. I would never have thought that Japan would have such hot temperatures.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gabi,
Monks beg ???
Calling a spade a spade, like it. In churches that I used to attend before (...), they pass a basket; begging, I suppose.
This made me think.
Beads- I like that connection .
Sweat, he could be sick, so there is more than one read here. He begs to live, for life.

Anonymous said...

"...Monks beg ???..."
Do you know the haiku of Santôka Taneda?

hailstones, too,
enter my begging bowl

(Santôka Taneda)

here more about him:


Gabi Greve said...

Dear haiku friends,
Begging, takuhatsu, is part of the WORK and training of a Buddhist monk here. It is supposed to teach you humility and interdependence of human beings ... and a few more things.

Sometimes they go in groups, sometimes they stand alone at an exposed position in front of the station or crossroads or exit of a temple and wait for donations.


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