Human mind naturally inclines to obtain what it does not have, seek knowledge of things ‘not known’. This mind disapproves Tantra for the Tantra takes off with the real, instinctive, inborn, inherent in nature, that is, ‘what is’, or ‘that which is the best known’ – the body, nature, desires or whatever.

... the Tantra accepts all actions as they are, transmuting them into inner awareness, and further into a creative evolution, all desires, into the vehicle of transcendence, and all energies, into the ultimate means of liberation.

,,, It identifies the ‘Being’ in the Being itself, not in its negation or non-acceptance, but rather in its fuller acceptance.

There is a great article at EXOTIC INDIA

Somehow I feel it relates to haiku too ...
just accepting ... what is now ... and state it in simple words

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tantra ...
another word that leads me
to haiku


A friend wrote:

The 'here and now' is actually the most difficult to observe because it requires concentration and acceptance. It's hard not to put layers of meaning on what actually is; we always want it to mean something else, so we never see the world as it is supposed to be seen. Much has been written about this very engrossing theme.

I'm thinking of something I read recently on 'shasei', and how it curbs active participation in poetry forums. Somehow, I think your topic on tantra touches on that as well. There is actually some participation going on, but not where one might usually expect it. Looking at the 'here and now' is, I think, a discipline in itself, an alternative to the habit of running away or overloading
a subject with meaning.

This will keep me thinking through the rest of the evening, and long after I go to bed.
Thanks for posting it here, Gabi.
WHCworkshop, July 2008


The Chanda Maharoshana Tantra teaches us:

When you see form, look!
Similarly, listen to sounds,
Inhale scents,
Taste delicious flavours,
And feel textures.

and then write a haiku


Tantra ~ Aphorisms Of Elucidations
by Narayanan Raghunathan, India

Tantra is the Key-word:
The Key to these affirmations.

Tantra questions everything:
Tantra believes everything too.
That is the irony of this projection.

If Maya is a magic veil,
Tantra seeks the magician behind
the veil, also the magic veil.

To Tantra, the world is a perfect sign language-scattered
symbols eternally reconstructing Shiva.

The most complex minds have
laboriously unearthed the simple minded
theorems of Tantra.

Be suspicious of Tantra:
But Tantra is no fool's paradise.

Read more here:
source :  Aum Infinite Cosmoses

The India Saijiki


The Secret Tantra (haiku)

I wanted you to
heal my heart with tantric sex.
You did. You said, 'No.'

Marc Mannheimer Cleveland, USA


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Anonymous said...

tantra -
wind blows towards
his path of life

[Being in the Being itself...as a part of it and its full acceptance]


Anonymous said...

Ha Gabi!!!!
the possibility of just being!!!!
K. I.

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