Namib Desert Beetle


morning dew ...
even the desert
comes alive

Photo : Moongateclimber

There are some deserts close to the oceans where they get humidity almost every early morning, when the moisture from the sea is blown toward the land. Animals and plants have special abilities to get the dew from this phenomenon to survive during the day. I remember one beetle standing upside down, wings spread, to catch the dew and lead it into its tiny mouth ...

Mostly in South America, if memory serves right. And some in the sourthern parts of Africa.
Here is a photo from the Namib desert beetle.


The Namib Desert beetle dwells in one of the most arid areas with only one and half inch (40 mm) of rain per year, and has developed a unique technique to survive by obtaining water from early morning fogs. It drinks by the means of its own bumpy back surface, which provides for accumulation of water droplets of fifteen to twenty micrometers in diameter.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Gabi. for this interesting look at deserts from a beetle's point of view.
Bowing to you.

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