simple life


doing the dishes ...
two tender butterflies


The TENDER ... well, we have so many different types of butterflies around, and these "janome" are always as a pair, on their honeymoon trip, so it seems, and really tender, considering the bigger and tougher ones that can even escape the claws of my cats without much harm.

As for the form, I am experimenting with .. short long short ...

the OUTSIDE ... should bring you inside yourself, meditating whilst doing the dishes ...

Greetings from my zen kitchen!


Butterfly (choo) KIGO

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Gabi . . . I see you, like most of us, staring out the window while doing a repetitive job.
Not sure if I like 'tender' here or not . . . but that's just a personal quirk. A lovely moment!

Anonymous said...

Yes even the mundane task of washing dishes we can get a moment's pleasure as you have done with that delicate image.
i too wonder about the use of 'tender'.

Anonymous said...

Aw Gabi ... now YOU 're making me think of retirement!

after twenty years
still that rusty watering can
in the garden

:>) E. H.

Anonymous said...

Ah, dishwater zazen...
I like this very much, "tender" and all. Such a beautiful lavender insect, beautiful photo as well.

Wishing you butterfly satori.
B.D. A.

Anonymous said...

May I offer a simple link to your wonderful HAIKU:

*doing the dishes ...
two tender butterflies* [Gabi]

a pair of wings open
the summer solstice [chibi]

Thank you for the link to the photos, too.

ciao... chibi

Anonymous said...

Hello, Gabi san,
I like "tender" now that I understand. And what a spectacularly beautiful butterfly!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is lovely, Gabi san!
The housework is always so much
easier when there's a window
to nature...

L. :)

Anonymous said...

... my goodness, Gabi,I'm glad you were doing the dishes and not making the salad

(...joking...I do know what you mean by tender, but just for a moment the other sense of the word flashed by, in relation to the dishes. But the butterflies were safe: you'd finished eating )

It is a very pretty butterfly in the photo...and yes, a tender shade of lilac ..

Anonymous said...

A quiet serene moment…almost makes doing dishes worthwhile…eh?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .