Kagura Kaido

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The Bitchu Kagura Ritual Dance originated in the ancient belief, held by the local people of Nariwa, that natural disasters, disease and other such misfortunes were brought upon them by a wild god named Kojin.
This special dance was created in order to appease the angry god.

117 Bitchu Kagura Poster

Kagura Kaido Mountain Road かぐら街道

At a rest area close to the Matsunaga Bridge
there is a special dramatical exhibition ...

071 Kagura Mountain Road

deep in the mountains
a dragon unfolds ...
Bitchu Kagura

073 the magic dragon


Susano was punished for his bad behavior and sent to the far away land of Ne no Kuni. As he wanders the region, he comes upon an old couple
doing a dance of mournig.

When he asked them, they told him of a giant serpent, which was attacking and eating the young maidens of the village, and now they fear for the safety of their own daughter.

Susano wished to take their daughter as his wife, and so enlisted the help of the Deity "Matsu no Myojin" who prepared a concotion of poisonous rice wine.
Susano gave this sake to the serpent and could now slay it.
Thus he saved the village.


076 gyaaaaa


Kagura Poster

102 Kagura poster

備中中部広域農道 (かぐら街道)
Kagura Kaido
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