pink morning


01 pink morning magic

pink morning -
what else can I say but

03 pink garden

pink morning
what else can I say but

05 neighbours house in pink
my neighbour below

09 chestnut tree and pink

13 forest in pink mist

GokuRakuAn ... the Roof

16 shade and pink sunshine

wild fields in pink sunshine

25 field in pink sunshine

pink morning mist -
at its best

26 mandala valley in pink mist




pale pink morning in Ohaga
without words

rosaroter Morgen
in Ohaga ...
ohne Worte

Nakamura Sakuo

Thank you, Sakuo san!


My Photo ALBUM of this morning
Start from here to Nr. 37

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Anonymous said...

WOW, Gabi....pink is right, what a beautiful start to the day!

Lovely photos, again.

P. from USA

Anonymous said...

Woke up feeling grouchy - but visiting Gabi's site is leaving me "in the pink"

Gillena Cox said...

pink morning

in a snow covered scene

warm thoughs

much love

桜月夜 said...

Dear Gabi san

Thank you very much your morning picture

apricot blossoms open in my town today.


Unknown said...

"pink morning" what a beautiful word it is ?
It is your treasure,if possible to
apply pattent on the word, I woulld like say [ pink morning ] belong to Gabi san's invention.

Then how do you and I translate it to Japanese??


Gabi Greve said...

Hi Sakuo san,
how about

usubeni akebono

I use this color chart sometimes

or toki-iro no akebono
鴇色 (ときいろ)


Anonymous said...

spring snow --
almost a dress rehersal
for the blossoms!

Many of the scenes of fluffy snow on tree branches in the pink hue of morning sunrise reminded me of hanami... only much colder!! hee

Etsuko san's melting snow and your pink snow... maybe pink lemonade
mix!? (oh I must be thinking of summer!)

ciao... chibi


Anonymous said...

AHA moments ...
simply beautiful ...
D. from USA

Anonymous said...

What an amazing photo, Gabi.
It looks just like a painted scroll.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful image and sentiment, I enjoyed browsing your photos
on Flickr as well. Thanks for sharing.

cheers, S. USA

Anonymous said...

Oooh, these are all wonderful photos, Gabi san...
thank you for sharing them!
And your haiku are from the heart...
L. from Canada

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Gabi! These are gorgeous. No wonder people can fall in love with snow . . . except when they have to shovel in it or drive in it.
Nature gives the best gifts!

Anonymous said...

Michael just saw this photo and says he wants to come and live with you. It certainly does make snow look beautiful - but I'm still not interested in living somewhere as cold as my freezer .
A. from Australia

Anonymous said...

Wow, Gabi san, we've had an abrupt change of the weather--from -15 to +23 degrees Celsius--it's almost suicidal. What a perfect serene picture!

Anonymous said...

Gabi-san, Amida Buddha was kind to you indeed - so long as you are toasting your toes under the kotatsu A lovely photo and gentle (heart-warming) haiku.

We just recieved a photo of our two-year-old grandaughter experiencing her first snowfall in Tokyo - her face is screwed up, and she doesn't look at all impressed with snow ...

A friend who loves Japan!

Anonymous said...

Gabi, what an absoutely lovely photo. I also had a look at your album, how gorgeous. I love the snow. We usually get quite a bit of snow here too, but we didn't get too much this year. I still remember the year we got almost 8 feet of snow.

laughing granny said...

The whites and greys turning pink are fairy-like, so much in tune with the romantic scenery that surrounds you, Gabi! Thank you.

Gabi Greve said...

Thanks for your visit, granny and all!

Nature paints for us, I am just ther to catch her in the act ...


laughing granny said...

A good catcher, then, Gabi, a born hunter in fact :-) ... sunny greetings from Zagreb, v

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .