heavy snow again - yajiri


icicles from my roof

06 icicles

My Buddha under cover

08 Buddha snowed in

cypresse trees in heavy snow

13 cypresse

the way up to my mailbox

16 road up to my mailbox


CLICK for the whole tree !

avalanches forming on the large roof

CLICK for the whole scene

half of the roof snow is now DOWN !
Blocking our back yard - yajiri 屋尻 

24 the back is closed

jifubuki, snow blowing UP by strong storm

25 jifubuki snow blowing UP

29 mountain tops

shovelling snow
the whole day ...
no time for haiku


Check my ALBUM from Nr. 1 to Nr. 30 to see this splendid winter day.

Snowed In ... ALBUM

YAHOO weather forecast

Monday Morning, 25
Still all white around, minus four in the morning ... and more snowmen in the weather forecast!


The back of a farmhouse is often called
yajiri 屋尻 "bottom side of a house"

In mountainous regions this part can be very narrow and dangerous for mudslides.
In winter, snowslides from the slopes and the roof are a problem.

hatsu furi no sutete aru yajiri kana

a dumping ground
for the first snow...
my backyard

Kobayashi Issa
(Tr. David Lanoue)

If you do not get rid fast enough of the snow from the roof, it might break the beams that support the house.
And behind the house, where no sunshine reaches until next spring, it will pile up like a glacier . . .

snow avalanches behind my home in Okayama

. The Japanese House .
in all seasons


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Anonymous said...

These pics are amazing - I have never been in snow like that -- tho I am sure it is a pain to deal with it is quite beautiful!
Thanks for sharing

endless snow
falls and falls some more -
time for tea


Anonymous said...

Dear Gabi san

Perhaps, you can suggest and equivalent to the Alberta Clipper... the China Clipper, or Korea Clipper... seems similar hontoni?
But, maybe the wind is coming from the south? Then it would be the Okanawa Clipper? (It may seem strange but all those names end in the sound of "a"!!)

Keep warm and stay bright all you GokuRakuAnians!

ciao... chibi

No time for HAIKU?? That is not YOU, dear Gabi sama!!

night fog --
spring sounds

Anonymous said...

How lovely your landscapes, Gabi san!
I envy your snow which covers everything...
Here, in Roma, we have peach and almond trees in bloom, and mimosa scent everywhere... but I prefer the white silence with a pale sky.


Thanks for visiting, Moussia san!

Anonymous said...

No time to write what you've just written. Love it!
You must admit, Gabi, you're getting a lot of literary mileage out of this snow.
Best, B.

shanna said...

oh how lovely I miss the snow so much
aloha from sunny Hawaii and up on my mountain the temp reached its lowest 35 degrees man thats almost freezing my nose was....

Gabi Greve said...

Hi Shanna san,
snowing again this morning ...

snow snow snow

SNOW HAIKU by Gabi Greve

Ella Wagemakers said...

freezing cold ...
my stepfather's letters
in the fireplace

Only in my dreams for now, Gabi, since it hasn't snowed here for quite a long while now. In fact, our winter has been the second warmest within the last hundred years! Maybe I should retire in Japan? Whaaaahahaha!

Your photographs are breathtaking, Gabi. You DO have time to write AND take pictures. Glad you've posted them.

deep snow
I talk to myself
and no one hears

:>) Ella

Gabi Greve said...

Thanks for all comments!
I try to capture as much as I can in photos, hoping this will be the last winter with THAT MUCH SNOW in our rather warm area!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .