snowed in


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snowed in -
the bamboo hangs its head
so low

10 bamboo hanging lower / END

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The Terraced Rice Fields - Tanada

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more of my SNOW haiku

the bamboo is maybe just a second before breaking ...
yuki-ore, a kigo

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Gabi san, for your shared bamboo pictures.

Beautiful Bamboo
Bent in perfect curve
By snow

Gabi Greve said...

Thanks for visiting, Berg san!


Gabi Greve said...

Hi Gabi

to snow

best, D.

PS : can we use the plural for bamboo ?


I guess we can if necessary.


Anonymous said...

backache --
bamboo bent low
with snow

(a senryu)

bamboo --
wishing the snow
to get bent!

Looks awfully cold at GoKuRakuan!! Keep warm!

Anonymous said...

Dear Gabi san

such a snow white world in Okayama

it is no snow yet, but it was cold the day.

Your bamboo snow haiku is very nice

bamboo bowing by snow

I want to live like the bamboo. the bamboo elastic mind makes haiku
naturally study of bamboo

thank you very much


Gabi Greve - Basho archives said...

Matsuo Basho

shiore fusu ya yo wa sakasama no yuki no take

withered and bent over,
the whole world upside down:
bamboo in snow
Tr. Barnhill

Written in 寛文7年, Basho age 24.
Most probably he had been to the funeral of child of his friend. The poor parents are devastated and bend like the bamboo in snow.
Bamboo and Haiku

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