roses and clouds


03 roses in foreground

sea of clouds -
my roses breathe
so carefully

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06 roses and clouds

frost melting
on my roses -
the beauty of NOW

07 frost melting

winter roses -
each petal has
its own spark

09 just one rose


The Art of Meditation in Taoism

Contemplative Taoists will be happily to sit with yogis and Zennists for as long as is reasonable and comfortable, but when nature tells us that we are 'pushing the river' we will get up and do something else, or even go to sleep...

... or even write a haiku ...

Basically, Taoist meditation is more like a sort of wisdom achieved by close observation of the things and phenomena in the world surrounding us. Such wisdom should help us go alongside with things and not against them, and is surely related to the wu-wei (nondoing) concept.
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rose roses rose


Unknown said...

Cloud sea.
winter rose.

There are treasures of winter.

At my ku-meeting we chose [winter rose] as season word.
It says [fuyu sou bi 冬薔薇]

隣まで シャツター閉まる 冬薔薇
tonari made syatsuta- shimaru fuyu-soubi

near at the next door
shutter is closing
winter roses

Thank you Gabi san for nice Kigo.


Anonymous said...

Roses, at this time of the year?
They are wonderful and wonderfully caught in the poem.
Thank you for sharing this moment, dear Gabi san.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Gabi san. You have so gently held the moment, and I have been made more aware of it...

Thank you for those many moments, throughout the year!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking at your roses, Gabi. Moreover, I enjoyed reading your take on Taoism -- going with the flow, and not against it, respecting everything around us instead of living forever in competition. We don't have to win or lose ... we just have to live!

winter rose
no need to wait
for the thaw

Ella Wagemakers

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos...

I especially like the close ups and your second haiku says it


Anonymous said...


ciao... chibi

Anonymous said...

The second one is a bit intellectual in its conclusion for my taste, Gabi, (an authentic moment, all the same)
but I love the image of the roses
breathing carefully.


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