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101 Zen Stories is a 1919 compilation of Zen koans including 19th and early 20th century anecdotes, and Collection of Stone and Sand, written in the 13th century by Japanese Zen master Muju (literally, “non-dweller”). The book is transcribed by Paul Reps and Nyogen Senzaki. Well-known koans in the collection include
A Cup of Tea (1),
The Sound of One Hand (21),
No Water, No Moon (29), and
Everything is Best (31).

The Stone Mind

Hogen, a Chinese Zen teacher, lived alone in a small temple in the country. One day four traveling monks appeared and asked if they might make a fire in his yard to warm themselves.

While they were building the fire, Hogen heard them arguing about subjectivity and objectivity. He joined them and said: “There is a big stone. Do you consider it to be inside or outside your mind?”

One of the monks replied: “From the Buddhist viewpoint everything is an objectification of mind, so I would say that the stone is inside my mind.”

“Your head must feel very heavy,” observed Hogen, “if you are carrying around a stone like that in your mind.”


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Koya-san, a Buddhist Monastery

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